2 x hermann tortoise for sale

  Posted: 08.02.20



I recently purchased 2 hermann tortoise for my children as I read they are great pets for them to have. Unfortunately my children have no interest in them and dont want to handle them and play with them. The only time they are handled out the vivarium is when I bathe them. I dont think it is fair on them to be left in the vivarium all the time and with working 40 hours a week and the kids in school they are just left. Hopefully there is someone out there that can give them a home where they will be interacted with more. They have lovely characters, Bricktop is very chilled and lazy. And Turkish Statham is more active and lively (named after the film Snatch). I paid £160 for the two of them, selling for £80 for both o.n.o. thank you. (Enclosure/vivarium not included) frm gwynedd.


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