crested gecko with set up for sale

  Posted: 12.02.19



This is Crunchie, he’s 9 months old, believed to be male.. had him since he was 4 weeks.
He’s such a sweetheart, this sale is through no fault of his own, simple that me and my ex have split, he’s his gecko that I bought him but he’s left him with me.. I’m not into my reptiles and there for too afraid to hold him, clean him out etc. It’s not fair for him to stay with me.. so looking to rehome him with his full set up. His viv is only 6 months old and was £180.Am looking for a home that knows about crested geckos.. he’s so sweet, my ex handled him a lot. £90 for the full set up, food and Crunchie,frm norfolk.


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