cute little Frog Eyed Gecko with exo terra for sale

  Posted: 09.10.19



This is Pablo, he is a cute little Frog Eyed Gecko, quite rare indeed. He loves to burrow and play in sand all day long.

Unfortunately I can no longer keep him due to personal reasons, and it's heartbreaking...
But it's important he goes to a good home.

Exo Terra tank, newly bought in 2018.
Magnetic cave hide, corner hide, cork bark, plants, water dish and cacti.
Small canopy with UV light.
Small 150W light fixture with 75W bulb.
Thermometers on either side.

He did love 4th locust, but has been greedy ever since I introduced him to waxworms.
So a varied diet is necessary.

Pablo is a lovely gecko, sensitive to handling but much fun to watch 😁
in lancashire,
Hoping he goes to a loving home.

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