friendly 10 month old bearded dragon with cviv for sale

  Posted: 22.10.19



Pious is a lovely and friendly 10 month old bearded dragon. I am having to sell this handsome fella due to me and my partner not having enough time for him any more due to work. He loves to come out of his vivarium and run around and do his own thing. He can be a little crazy during the day (running and jumping up and down the vivarium) He loves his greens as well as strawberry’s, lotuses, crickets and some times worms. He’s a people watcher and get on well with other animals such as dogs and cats. He is good with children, babies and is very hand tamed ( he can be a bit jumpy at first but once used to you he will be fine) He has never bitten which is really good. He will come with his set up, 2 food bowls, 2 water bowls, a couple hide outs, a fake plant, a log, a bridge, calcium powder and nutrient powder, a box to put the crickets in with a pen to catch them, a box for the lotuses and bug gel to keep them alive, feeding tongx2, a pooper scooper, a spray bottle( spray with water once a day on him so he can absorb it), some lotuses and a special disinfectant to use in the vivarium,in berkshire.


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