Wahlberg Gecko male is to be rehomed , complete with set up exo terra vivarium

  Posted: 11.07.19



My Wahlberg Gecko male is to be rehomed , complete with set up exo terra vivarium, Canopy with bulbs, heat pad and viv accessories incl. Cabinet below. one male . Very handsome, super curious and laid back. Strong, healthy animal, has always been looked after very well. Eats, poops, sheds well. Vivarium size is 60x45x45cm.
any questions please ask, if you are genuinely interested please call me. in dorset

I will not: sell without viv, ship or split the set up. Collection in person only, in the best interest of the animal collection during daytime hours, any day is suitable. The stand is separate from the viv (but is included in sale), so a normal car is suitable for transport. The vivarium is fairly heavy, will take 2 people to carry.

Please note this Gecko is for admiration and appreciation only, cannot be handled, therefore not suitable for children.

This is an absolute bargain considering what's included, the set up on its own would add up to several hundred pounds if bought seperately, take advantage of an already fully established viv, no hassle with trial and error this set up is perfect as is.in dorset.


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